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Jean KillackyWe are a unique professional recruitment firm dedicated to working exclusively with Medical Companies and Venture Capital Firms for their hiring needs. Founded in 2002, our growth and success has been supported by a keen understanding and of our clients’ environment and needs.

• All our Recruiters have been successful professionals in the Medical Industry prior to being recruiters.

• Our tenure in the medical industry provides us with unmatchable knowledge and instincts.

• We are committed to finding the right person for the right job at the right time.

• We share a sincere and personal interest in the success of all parties involved.

The positions we recruit include: CEO/President, COO/CIO, CFO, VP of Sales and Marketing, Director of Sales, Regional Managers, Sales Representatives, Clinical Specialists, Clinical Research Associates, Human Resources and Information Technology Developers.

We have Recruiters who specialize in Retained Searches and recruiters who specialize in Contingent Searches. We can hire your executive level staff and then put your entire sales force in place. Membership in the elite recruiting organization of First Interview Network  provides unparalleled access to top talent. Our unique professional backgrounds and our professional commitment to our clients and candidates, coupled with our unique search process, give us an edge over all other executive search firms. We know what it takes to make great placements; your needs and expectations will be discussed in depth so we may provide the services you require.

Please contact us to discuss your employment needs!

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