Our Commitment to Candidates

A candidate who is recruited by J Killacky & Associates:

  • Will be informed regarding  the nature of the relationship between J Killacky & Associates and our client company, how and when the search will be conducted and our role in the process.   All offers are contingent upon successful completion of reference checks and special testing as requested by the client company; candidates will receive timely updates.  Reference checks will not be completed without the candidate’s approval.  No action will ever be taken by J Killacky & Associates to jeopardize the candidate’s present position.
  • Will be informed of specific and accurate information about the position prior to the initial interview.  This information will include:  job title, company background, business conditions, reporting relationships, location, and responsibilities of the position.
  • Will be assured, discretion is used at all times when we share information about a candidate.  We will honor a candidate’s request that specific information not be disclosed.  We will only present a candidate’s credentials to those client company searches which most closely match his/her qualifications. Candidates who are not offered the position can expect that their files will be kept confidential by both J Killacky & Associates and the client company.
  • Will be made aware that we may choose not to present a candidate based on a professional judgment that the candidate is not appropriate for the position.
  • May expect that we will communicate our opinion of the impact on the individual’s career should they join the client company in the specified position. Placed candidates will be contacted monthly, for at least the first six months after joining our client company to ensure that any adjustment problems, on either side, are handled appropriately.

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